First International Symposium 
on Open Science in Translation and Interpreting Studies

Bertinoro (Italy), September 12th, 2022

The Symposium has been cancelled due to the low number of submissions received. We will try again in the future, so stay tuned! 🙂

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Scholarly publishing is changing rapidly, due both to the emergence of information and communication technologies that facilitate access to publications and to a growing movement seeking to make science more transparent, reliable, and accessible.

This movement is known as open science, and it fosters a wide array of practices such as open access, open methods, data, and tools, open peer review, and open research evaluation. In Translation and Interpreting Studies (TIS), some of these practices are frequent (open access) while others are almost unknown (such as open peer review).

The Council of Editors of Translation and Interpreting Studies for Open Science (the Open Council) was founded in January 2021 to explore ways to promote open-science practices in TIS.

This international symposium, organized by the Open Council, is a forum for researchers, publishers, research evaluators, and policy makers to explore the state of open science in TIS, discuss ways to encourage and implement new practices, and promote transparency and accessibility of research in our discipline.


Potential participants are welcome to submit proposals addressing the relationship of open science and TIS. The following are examples of possible topics:

  • Open access in TIS.
  • Open peer-review models and their applicability to TIS.
  • Data sharing in TIS: formats, platforms, and ethics.
  • Research evaluation in TIS: beyond journal-level metrics.
  • Research funding and open-science policies.
  • TIS journal impact and visibility.
  • The impact of APCs in TIS.
  • Ways to increase transparency in TIS publishing.
  • Developing quality metrics for TIS publications.
  • Towards a standardization of editorial practices, citation styles, and licenses in TIS journals.


The University Residential Center of Bertinoro (CEUB), Italy (near Forlì). 


Abstracts should be 250-300 words, excluding references. Please include at least three keywords and anonymize your abstract. You will find a form to submit your abstract at the end of this page.

All papers will be submitted to double blind peer review. Accepted abstracts will then be published online for open peer review in the form of open participation, i.e., scholars will be able to add comments and suggestions to the texts.


  • 15 May – 30 June: abstract submission. 
  • 20 July: notifications of acceptance sent.
  • 20 July – 1 September: open participation.
  • 30 July: programme closed.
  • 20 July – 1 September: registration.


The Open Council and the local organizers will not make any financial profit from organising the symposium.

The symposium fee covers essential expenses, such as transfers between Forlì and Bertinoro, renting the symposium venue, providing coffee breaks and lunch, and the Residential Center front office services during the symposium. The fee is €75.

When registering, you will be able to choose one of the following packages:

  • Symposium fee + hotel room and breakfast for 1 night = €120
  • Symposium fee + hotel room and breakfast for 2 nights = €165

Open Council members attending the Open Council meeting on September 13th will be able to choose one of the following packages:

  • Symposium fee + Open Council meeting + hotel room and breakfast for 2 nights = €235
  • Symposium fee + Open Council meeting + hotel room and breakfast for 3 nights = €280

Additionally, participants may register for the symposium dinner (September 12th) and the Open Council meeting dinner (September 13th). The price for each of them is €35.

Disclaimer: there is a minimum of 20 participants for the event to take place. If that minimum is not reached, it will be switched to an online format.


Organising committee

  • Łucja Biel
  • Anna Jankowska
  • Ricardo Muñoz Martín
  • Christian Olalla-Soler
  • Sara Rovira-Esteva

And with the support of the MC2 Lab members.

Scientific committee

  • Lluís Anglada
  • Matthias Apfelthaler
  • Ashley Farley
  • Christopher D. Mellinger
  • David Orrego-Carmona
  • Sonja Pöllabauer


E-mail address: tisopencouncil(a)

Alternatively, please use our contact form.


The abstract submission form is now closed.